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Social and online media have changed the way the world communicates, and ValpoLife.com, PortageLife.com, and now LaPorteCountyLife.com have embraced these connected communities with Good News! Growing to over 12,000 Facebook fans from the region in our first 3 years since launching the positive community news sites, Ideas In Motion Media has the audience to bring everything positive about your business to light through the website, e-mail newsletters, and our social media networks. Check out this video to see what we’re talking about! It’s a great watch with interesting statistics about social networking and the growth of online media!

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"A different kind of testimonial for a different kind of company. ValpoLife is geeky in a good way, passionate in an explosive way and professional in a perfect way. Delivering the "WOW" to your clients is not always easy, yet ValpoLife has done it over and over for our company. Not only do we get continual exposure on multiple social media sites, our business website on ValpoLife was created in less then 24 hours, launched shortly after and has more pizzazz than our own site. This has been one of the best avenues for promoting our company and exceptional value at the same time."

Donna Flanagin, Owner
Flanagin's Bulk Mail Service