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Social and online media have changed the way the world communicates, and ValpoLife.com, PortageLife.com, and now LaPorteCountyLife.com have embraced these connected communities with Good News! Growing to over 12,000 Facebook fans from the region in our first 3 years since launching the positive community news sites, Ideas In Motion Media has the audience to bring everything positive about your business to light through the website, e-mail newsletters, and our social media networks. Check out this video to see what we’re talking about! It’s a great watch with interesting statistics about social networking and the growth of online media!

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"Based on my experience with the team at ValpoLife, I'd describe our sponsorship as a two way partnership rather than a traditional sponsorship. We've consistently received both timely and accurate coverage on ValpoLife.com. The word-of-mouth feedback I hear in the community tells me ValpoLife is evolving into a reliable source of information for the Valparaiso community and that our sponsorship has been a wise investment for Porter."

Kelly Credit, Director, System Strategy & Marketing
Porter Health System